Abstract Researches about market overreact toward stock value emphasize that there is phenomenon of stock value reversal which have negative return for same period of time and then move toward positive return, at the other hand high-return stocks for while become worse and stock value go down. Hypothesize about this overreact usually use winner portfolio as parameter for stock value which have good performance and loser portfolio for the bad one. The objective of this research is to know market overreact toward company stock at BEJ. This research reexamine, is there a market overreact toward stock value in 2004-2007 using market adjusted and mean adjusted model. Sample divide into two group; 20 companies as winner portfolio and 20 companies for loser portfolio. The result show that market overreact signed loser porfolio exceed winner portfolio in 2005, after that both of groups stock value movement quite stabil. Independence analysis sample t-test indicate there is no significant difference between average return group of winner stock and loser stock.

Key word: Market overreact, winner-loser, mean adjusted model, market adjusted model

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